Ryan and Krissie Newman and their family are excited to get Rescue Ranch up and running. Our team consists of pet-passionate individuals from all over, with expertise in many areas. Our plans are to include all members of our community to help connect and develop programs to support our mission. We hope you’ll join our cause and take a trip out to visit us very soon!


Rescue Ranch is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit animal welfare organization formed in North Carolina in January 2012. The Ranch will conduct a variety of programs aimed at fulfilling its primary goal of ending pet overpopulation and associated suffering by promoting and providing for the humane care, protection and control of domestic animals.

The Ranch will commence operation in stages, beginning with its Humane Education Programs targeted for the summer of 2013. Implementation of the Rescue Adoption Program and the Boarding Services will follow, with timing dependent on the success of the capital campaign and securing funding through corporate sponsors and charitable contributions.