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Junior Volunteer Program

Rescue Ranch is pleased to offer a variety of volunteer opportunities for children 12 to 15 years old.  A parent, guardian, or approved family member, who will be their adult volunteer partner, must accompany our junior volunteers during any regular volunteer shift.  The one exception to this is our Critter Camp junior counselor volunteer positions as these volunteers will be paired with a staff member.  

If your child is not old enough to volunteer at Rescue Ranch, there are many other ways they can get involved and help support our mission. Click here to find out more!

Why Become a Junior Volunteer

There are many excellent reasons for your child to become a Rescue Ranch Junior Volunteer:

• Volunteering instills a sense of compassion
• Learn to appreciate their good fortune
• Acquire new skills
• Learn about responsibility
• Boosts their self-esteem
• Helps make a difference in your community
• Most-importantly, IT’S FUN!

Junior Volunteer Opportunities

Animal Care

Event Helpers

Community Outreach

Critter Camp Junior Counselor Application (click for application and requirements)

Get started as a Junior Volunteer

If your child is interested in becoming a Rescue Ranch Junior Volunteer, please follow these steps:

1.   Be of Age. Junior volunteers are between 12 and 15 years old.

2.   Submit an online application.

Our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you after your application is received to schedule you and your adult volunteer partner for an orientation.

3.   Attend an orientation.

4.   Make a commitment. We ask our volunteers to commit to a minimum of 6 hours of service or 1 major event per quarter.

Requirements for Adult Volunteer Partners

What better way to spend time with your family then by doing something positive and leading by example?  Volunteering with a child is a memorable and unique experience. When you and your child volunteer together, you’re strengthening the community, as well as, your own personal bond.

To be an adult volunteer partner to a junior volunteer you must;

• be the child’s parent, guardian, or family member and be over the age of 21
• complete an online application.
• attend an orientation with your junior volunteer(s)
• make a commitment to your junior volunteer and Rescue Ranch. We ask our volunteers to commit to 6 hours of service or 1 major event per quarter.


Looking to be a Junior Counselor for one of our Critter Camps-

Junior Counselors must be 13-17 years old and beginning 8th grade or higher for the 2019-2020 school year. Please click the application below for more information. Applications must be submitted by May 1st in order to be considered. 

2019 Junior Counselor Application



Besides volunteering your time, there are many different ways that families and kids can help support Rescue Ranch.  Please email volunteer@rescueranch.com for more information about youth fundraising.

Looking for group volunteer opportunities or service project ideas? If you would like to volunteer as a Scout Troop, School Group, or Community Group or complete your service project at the Ranch; please refer to our group volunteer & service projects page.

Please email volunteer@rescueranch.com for more information about our junior volunteer program.