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Stay tuned for details on the public opening of the Earnhardt Family Playground.



Rescue Ranch is a place of learning, inspiration, hope, and exploration.  




When our humane education programs began in 2013 we began to teach children of all ages the importance of animals and all that they offer to our world.   Humane education is defined as the use of education to nurture compassion and respect for living things.  

These programs are the foundation for everything at the Ranch and through them we have reached more than 10,000 children in just over three years across 12 counties in North Carolina and beyond.  The response to our programs has been wonderful with many schools returning year after year.  

But the teachers and administrators are asking for more.  They want more Rescue Ranch! More time on the property; more options to learn from and explore; more opportunities for their children to discover and develop their compassionate energy.

A playground at Rescue Ranch will allow us to meet these requests. 


Click the image below to see the Rescue Ranch Playground Brochure:



Interested in donating to this campaign?  We are happy to provide you with many options:

1. Click HERE to donate online

2. Email development@rescueranch.com

3. Call 704.768.0909

4. Mail your donation to: Rescue Ranch Playground, P.O. Box 5998, Statesville, NC 28687