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Scout Programs

Looking for a fun way to earn a scout badge?  Love animals? Then Rescue Ranch Scout Programs are for you and your troop!

Each program is 1.5 hours long and includes at least two hands-on animal encounters and activities.  Programs meet most, if not all, badge requirements. 

The cost of the program is $7.50 per scout and $5.00 per sibling.  We also have Rescue Ranch patches available.  They are $2.50 if purchased with a program and $5 if purchased separately. 

If you are interested in a program listed below, a custom program, or meeting other badge requirements not listed, please contact our Humane Education Manager at education@rescueranch.com or 704-768-0909.

Girl Scout Badges Offered:       


*3 Cheers for Animals Journey – Girls learn how to care for themselves as well as for the animals.


*Pets - Learn about different animals and why or why not they would make good pets.  See, feel, and feed some of our local animals as you learn proper care of a pet.

*Household Elf – Learn how animals are able to reduce, reuse, and recycle through hands on presentations. Create items to reduce energy use and reuse items that would be thrown away.

*Senses –See, feel, and hear the animals around with hands on animal presentations. Learn the difference between fur, feathers, skin and scales. Use your senses on a nature walk. 

*Bugs – Explore the world of bugs on our nature trails.  Learn what types of bugs live in each location.  Use magnifying glasses to get an up-close experience.

*Add on the Give Back Badge to any of the above Brownie programs. Contact us for more information.


*Animal Habitats – Discover what animals live in North Carolina and where. Investigate an animal habitat.  Learn what animals need to survive in order to create the proper habitat for a given animal through hands on animal encounters.


*Animal Helpers – Learn about animals in history. Experience how animals help people through hands on time with the animals and interactive games.

Download our brochure here.

Cub Scout Badges Offered:      

Each program is 1.5 hours long and includes hands-on animal encounters and an activity. The cost of the program is $7.50 per scout. We also offer Rescue Ranch scout patches for $2.50 when you book a program.


*Tigers in the Wild – Scouts learn about animal tracks and poison ivy and will take a hike to find each of them. When they return to the building, they will meet some of our resident animals to learn interesting facts about them as well.


*Paws on the Path – Scouts will take a hike to find birds and bugs that live in our area. They will then be able to meet the birds and bugs that live on site as well as some other exotic animals.


*Fur, Feathers, and Ferns– Scouts will be able to identify extinct or endangered animals in North Carolina and observe wildlife from a distance. They will also learn about and interact with animals who reside at Rescue Ranch.


*Webelos Walkabout–Scouts will learn the difference between venomous and non-venomous reptiles. They will be able to interact with many non-venomous reptiles we have on site including snakes and lizards.

We can combine programs for mixed groups of scouts. The minimum number of scouts per program is 8. If you are interested in a program listed above, a custom program, or meeting other badge requirements not listed above, please contact our Humane Education Manager, Stacey Foreman at stacey@rescueranch.com or 704-768-0909.

Download our brochure here.