1 Rescue Ranch | Non-Profit Animal Welfare Organization


Are you looking to visit Rescue Ranch?

We love having visitors come and learn more about Rescue Ranch, however, we do have some limitations at our current stage of development and do not want guests to be disappointed.  


Here are the current options to visit Rescue Ranch:

1.     Schedule a humane education program.

Education is at the core of everything we do and our humane education programs are the founding element of Rescue Ranch.   These programs provide hands-on experiential encounters for children of all ages.

Click HERE to learn more about our programs opportunities.


2.     Come for a Rescue Ranch event.

We host a variety of events throughout the year to help us raise necessary dollars to continue our mission. 

Please note: not all events involve an opportunity to see our humane education animal ambassadors. 

Click HERE to learn more about upcoming events.


3.     Schedule a guided tour.

Rescue Ranch may not be like any animal facility that you have visited in the past, as we are not a facility where guests are able to see our animals without a Rescue Ranch representative.  

To schedule a tour please call 704.768.0909 to schedule. 


4.    Earnhardt Family Playground. (Opening to the public, January 2018).

Rescue Ranch is home to the only inclusive playground in Iredell County.  Our 10,000 sq/ft playground provides an opportunity for children of all abilities to play together. 

Click HERE to learn more about accessing the Earnhardt Family Playground.


As our development continues, so will our opportunities to experience Rescue Ranch.  We thank you for your excitement, support and patience while we continue our growth.